ADEN Services Offices

Food is more than just nutrition, food is joy in life.

We, in ADEN Services, are contributing to the importance of food and taste. Since our creation, we are constantly inventing new concepts to guarantee an innovative and satisfactory Catering experience.

The secret of ADEN Services' constant high quality is based on the following rules:

- The rigorous selection of our suppliers and products.

- The application of International Health, Hygiene & Safety standards as well as strict audit procedures.

- The strong qualification of our Chefs and staff, enhanced by our Training Centers in each Branch.

ADEN Services constantly develops innovative Foodservice concepts in order to perfectly match the expectations of its consumers.

For your company, our Foodservice concepts are:

- Creating a nice atmosphere and an effective service to allow your employees to relax during lunchtime and promote friendliness, communication and dialogue.

- Best value for money, adapted to individual needs.

- Contributing to the image of your company though your employees and your clients.