Optimizing and securing your assets
Implementing revolutionary data-driven solutions that optimize operational efficiency.
Security & Safety Services
Technical Assets Management
Robotics Manufacturing Automation & Smart Financing
We maintain and drive the comfort, the performance and — ultimately — the worth of your facility.

Aden has over 20 years of experience in improving operational productivity and efficiency for our clients. From hygiene and security to engineering and digital solutions, Aden helps thousands of businesses maintain and improve their assets every day. By providing a full range of facility management services, we are one of the only IFM providers who guarantee a single point of contact solution: optimized sourcing, digitalized workflow, implementation of new-generation technology and tracking of every minute detail. All from a single platform. 

Our Services
Security & Safety Services

We understand the value that our security operations are protecting. Aden's Factory 4.0 solutions include smart security system integration as well as digital operational support and trustworthy security staffing.  

Technical Assets Management

Facility demands are changing fast and increasingly connected. The new demand is smart factories and smart buildings, running on multi-energy systems. But how do you take your facility into the smart era, ensuring that your technical assets deliver long-lasting results?  Technical Asset Management (TAM) is here to help. 

Digital Solutions

Transparency and accountability are two of our core values. When we employ cutting-edge solutions such as facial recognition entry control and workflow tracking, or nanotechnology for maintenance cycle reporting and documentation, data is immediately linked into custom-developed DigiOps tools that allow clients to do their jobs efficiently and transparently.

Cleaning & Hygiene Services

Finding a flexible and professional contract cleaning supplier is not an easy task. At Aden we understand there is much more to janitorial services than just a mop hitting the floor: We provide technically-advanced, data-driven cleaning services that ensure the best treatment for your facilities.


Robotics Manufacturing Automation & Smart Financing

The bigger your fleet, the bigger the task of management, maintenance and data collection. We can handle all of this for you, freeing you up to focus on core business.


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