Catering Manager


Key Responsibilities:


  • Accountable manage Catering operations according to the signed Contract, SOW and company standards, making no amendments without the approval of the ADEN Senior Management.
  • Lead, manage and coach/train food services teams including, chefs, bakers, pastries cooks, kitchen helpers, dishwashers, canteen staff and other related personnel.
  • Coordinates and directs day-to-day catering operations of designated sites ensuring production of the highest quality product possible.
  • Optimize labor at each site based on SOW and budget requirements.
  • Implement and manage standardized controls at each site to include but not limited;
    • Standardized recipes,
    • 2 – 4 week menu system,
    • 3-6 month material consumption forecasts,
    • Effective time management rosters,
    • B52 material control
    • Internal and external monthly reporting
  • Optimize product usage at each site, standardizing material lists and implementing procurement system in order to maintain a regular supply tendering system and obtain highest quality at lowest price based on scope of work at each site.
  • Provide innovative ideas to enhance the customer dining experiences.
  • Menu and theme options must be updated weekly and changed in accordance with customer expectations.
  • Ensure ADEN management presence during all service and production periods and implement schedule of daily visits to all outlets.
  • Manage and maintain set operational budgets in accordance with the RSM contract and SOW.

QHSE Management:

  • Implement corporate Total Quality Management SOPs and systems and strive for operational excellence.
  • To ensure the operations of each site are operating accordance to QHSE policies and standards of the company.
  • To ensure consistent continual improvement scheduling in implemented and follow-up of staff training, records re to be kept for each team member.
  • Ensure all major issues and concerns, are resolved quickly with positive implement corrective actions.
  • Maintain positive relationship with the customers and client representatives.
  • Must ensure regular quality checks and audits are performed, while standardizing the job descriptions for each of the different function areas, for example: site managers, chefs, service staff, dishwashers, kitchen cleaners, etc…
  • To ensure that the correct amount of products and the proper equipment are used and applied as according to standard industry practice.
  • Implement HSE practices to include HACCP and safe hygiene protocol regulations and working plans.
  • Must regularly audit HSE practices at each working area, to include offices, kitchens, dining rooms, accommodations, laundry, workshop areas, site grounds, etc.
  • Ensure Site managers maintain high personal hygiene and the uniform standard set by the company, good health check for each staff, make the personal data folder in camp office.
  • To ensure consistent scheduling and follow-up of HR, FIN, ADM daily operation. Ensure that QHSE practices are being implemented within the whole camp with daily tool box training and weekly staff meetings.
  • Implement emergency planning and organize the backup groups with clients.
  • Cooperate with client; make the Hygiene audit and monthly health check.

HR/ADM/FIN Operations:

  • Manage effective communication with clients, staff and ADEN senior management.
  • To support HR/ADM/FIN operational functions in accordance to the signed Camp Management Contract with client, making no amendments without the approval of the ADEN Senior Management.
  • Manage day-to-day catering operation cost control.
  • Assist HR management and advise field staff recruitment.
  • Support the Project Director in the administration of daily issues, including vehicle management, goods purchase, storage management.
  • Supervise and approve all warehouse orders, based on consumption forecasts, and accounting reports.
  • Conducts and ensures regular documented meetings with team (Monthly)
  • To communicate any issues from catering operations to management and the client.
  • Implement train programs for the new staff in order to make them operational ready as soon as possible (set up training policies)
  • Implement Rosters, staff attendance systems at all sites
  • Manage operational software and produce financial records as per contract and company standards.
  • Conducts regular communication meetings with the clients.

Key Skills and Competencies:  

  • Fluent English (required), Chinese considered advantageous (not required)
  • Training skills/qualification preferred
  • Strong organization, leadership, people management and team building skills
  • Experienced in Microsoft Office programs (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • Good verbal and numerate skill
  • Attention to detail and an eye for high standards
  • Ability to understand and be familiar with Catering/HACCP flow processes. 

Education & Experience Requirements:  

  • Hospitality degree/diploma/certificate/qualification
  • 5 years of experience in hospitality/catering (at least 2 in a management position)
  • Food Safety certificate or equivalent

If you are interested in this position, please submit your resume to with Catering Manager in the subject line. We will treat your application with confidentiality.