Energy Monitoring


Sustainability and savings go hand in hand
Work with ADEN to decrease energy usage, lower operating costs, and create value.

Reducing energy consumption and environmental impact is at the heart of our energy projects.


ADEN solutions allow you to monitor and control energy consumption, carbon emissions, air quality and costs of your facilities. By evaluating impact areas from energy usage to carbon emissions resulting from commutes commuting data in one central database, you gain access to relevant KPIs that support decision making and compliant reporting. Our energy audits take a holistic approach that has proven success in minimising environmental impact, cutting energy costs and delivering value. 

In addition to audit services, ADEN provides a series of options to decrease environmental impact and lower energy and resource costs for all types of facilities, from energy delivery to renewable energy investments and monitoring/optimisation options. Our monitoring tools provide comprehensive analysis of facility energy usage, allowing targeted use of renewable replacement options. We can also monitor and optimise water usage, air quality, and acoustic noise impacts.

Our Services

Energy Consulting

ADEN provides comprehensive energy audits on existing facilities, analysing consumption and waste to get a global picture of how to best improve efficiency and suggest low-cost, high-reward options to increase efficiency.

Efficient Architecture and Planning

For clients working on new construction, our team of architects is experienced in designing facilities that maximise energy efficiency and meet international standards, providing an optimised, green, and efficient process from the ground up.

Design, Technical Conception, Project Management & Financing

In order to guarantee savings from the audit report, ADEN provides comprehensive support structures that take the guesswork out of efficiency upgrades. From the design phase to project management and financing solutions, our services are designed to ensure smooth implementation.

Platform-Based Energy Monitoring Applications

With advanced technology and data-driven efficiency in our DNA, we have built platforms that provide real-time monitoring as well as periodic reporting and analysis through a convenient client portal.